Corinne has ministered to and encouraged girls and boys in the US and in Singapore. She has spoken to youth organizations, college students, treatment center residents, and church groups. Corinne’s age facilitates connection to a younger audience who feels Corinne “gets” them. As a speaker, Corinne is at home in intimate and large setting. Her heart and passion is to provide hope to those who suffer with an eating disorder.



What you need to know about eating disorders.


As parents you are the first line of defense in recognizing warning signs for changes in your child’s behavior. Corinne traces the development and progression of her eating disorder as well as the warning signs that were overlooked. Discover traits and triggers that can lead to the onset of an eating disorder. Corinne role-plays common interactions between parents and kids, then decodes the message your child may be receiving. Discover practical applications to empower your child to either avoid an eating disorder or to fight her or his way out of one and towards recovery.



How did I get here?


Corinne weighed 117 pounds as a rugby player her sophomore year in high school. As an anorexic, her weight dropped to 79 pounds.
Anxiety can define teenage life. Do I fit in? Will they like me? Are my grades good enough? Am I good enough?
Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of getting caught up in false solutions to problems. Stop an eating disorder before it takes root. And, if you’re already suffering with an ED or know someone who is, Corinne can provide hope for recovery.



Partnering for Health


There are things that happen at school – things parents don’t know. In the bathroom. In the lunchroom. In gym class. Understand what can process through the mind of someone suffering with an eating disorder and learn how to spot signs of an at risk student. Corinne will reveal how small changes in the school environment can reduce the triggers leading to an eating disorder.

Church Groups


How does a person of faith develop an eating disorder?


Yes, it can happen to anyone. Even a believer. Corinne loved Jesus since she was a little girl. She’s experienced periods of doubt and unbelief, and none more so than when she was sick. But God was always faithful and saved her from bondage. There is always hope as shown in Corinne’s powerful testimony of the Father’s healing hand during a time of deep despair.

Corinne is happy to explore other topics related to eating disorders.
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